We have a finisher!


An intensive and exciting year made of accomplished and achieved goals.

A year full of challenges, sweat and determination.

A year marked by courage and dedication, which made every ride magical.

A year full of surprises, shared with our community.


One team has already reached the Pinarello PWT Olympus.

Important results have been achieved in just 3 months.

But many goals are still to be conquered, many challenges are still to be overcome.

Many things will happen until September 30, 2020!



Cimagrappa Cycling Club

Km +44.154

+20 Km/h of average speed

+2k Hours on the saddle

+350k Meters of elevation gain

596 Sessions 


2019 was the year of Pinarello Prince World Tour.

The year of the contest dedicated to long-distance lovers.

The year of the perfect bike for reaching far milestones, the Prince.


PWT in numbers 

521 Subscribed athletes

101 Subscribed teams

14 Athletes with + 4,000 km

1 Team with + 40,000 km

44 Participating nationalities 

+315k Total km on the platform

+3k Average km per day 

18 World Bicycle Relief  bikes donated


And now? We ride in 2020 with the same motivation and the same determination, looking forward to what we’ll find along the way.

Many teams are working hard and many are at a good stage in this epic adventure.

Keep trying your best, discovering new paths and testing yourself. 

The road is long, time is still much, the results that can be achieved are endless.


Stay tuned!