The goal for you and your friends: pedal 40,000 km

The Pinarello Prince World Tour, an epic adventure.

A digital contest, a team race, a relay among friends ready to pedal, sweat and grit their teeth to cycle around the world.

Set a destination, then reach it. Set yourself a limit, then get over it. And when you make it, share and celebrate your achievements. Show the community what you’re worth.

How it works

  • 1

    Sign Up

    Sign up and create your profile.
    The more information you share, the better we’ll be able to assess how the contest is going.

  • 2

    Link up Strava

    Authorize the Prince World Tour to share the following Strava performance data on your profile: distance, time, average speed and elevation gain.

    Don’t have Strava?
    Create your profile now.

  • 3

    Select a team

    Join an existing team or create a new one. Invite your friends to join the team, and remember: the more team mates, the faster you’ll complete the adventure!

  • 4

    Start pedalling

    Once you have a minimum of 5 cyclists, your team can set off.
    The kilometres cycled by each team member will be added to the aggregate team total.

    Remember: the Prince World Tour uses Strava to record your performance.
    Start it every time you set out!

Pinarello Prince World Tour supports World Bicycle Relief

Pinarello funds the work of WBR, which every day helps people to shorten distances in countries where mobility is poorly developed. The kilometres completed during the contest will be transformed into bicycles for those who need it most.

Stay tuned to discover how to make your contribution.

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on the road


Ready for the adventure?


Prince World Tour has begun! The global contest by Pinarello requires you and your friends to ride the distance of 40,000 km.
An epic adventure that requires passion and dedication.
A unique challenge that involves long distance riders enthusiasts from all over the world.

The time available applies to everyone, the places to ride change, always.
New roads, new paths, new territories.
2 hemispheres, 24 time zones, 4 seasons, and 24 hours of non-stop activity distributed over all longitudes and latitudes.
All different, all the same, a global family that shares and enhances the love for cycling.
We are ready to start.
And you?